Saturday, 23 August 2014

Defying the Odds: Me and My Giant Defy 1

It is finally here. Since I have got into triathlons and endurance sports I have wanted a decent bike. Finally after 2.5 months of working a full time job over the summer I have saved up enough to buy a decent road bike. I realise there are far flashier bikes out there, and the bike is only as good as the rider driving it, but I am still excited to have this bike.
I had spent the last week being ill, so ill that I am concerned I won't be able to make the start of the Cambridge City Tri I had my eye on. That race was a big factor in me deciding to get this bike when I did. I have effectively ruled my self out of that race despite recovering well but have my eye on a few end of summer sportive and still on the Great West Run. This made everything feel a little bit better.

So the great reveal. Dim the lights and start that drum roll ...