Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Teamwork, Targets and Cycling Treats

I have recently taken up running again. Nothing too crazy just a few kilometers after work with the girls in the office. We run twice a week and as well as laps of the beautiful russell square we do drills. Lunges, high knees bum flicks its way more fun looking like a ninny with friends than on your own. As well as my new office habit I also have my eye on a couple of beauties.  A mix of flat fast roads, rolling hills fresh water and men in lycra...

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Changing Focus

Today is the end of June, hello sweet July with your holidays, tans and general awesomeness. I have some time to stop and think about what this month has entailed.
I still have the same ambitions as previously mentioned but I may have lost some focus. In the beginning of June I was deep into exams. My body didn't like the abuse I was putting it through regarding diet and that manifested with crappy skin and possible anaemia. I was still exercising, squeezing in anything from a 15 minute stretching video to a 45 minute HIIT workout in my tiny student digs. Finishing exams was bad a long weekend of drinking and exercise only in the form of dancing and lounging on the Hoe meant I knew my fitness dropped off.
Never fear returning to London I knew I could get fit again; a new job and over 10 miles on the bike everyday would whip me into shape right?
Can you feel the shape being whipped?