Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Looking past the dark skin

I think dreads are beautiful, I was so excited to get them and when I finally got the hang of palm rolling I was so proud. Yet I spent several hours and many episodes re-watching scrubs this weekend taking out my dreads.
But what about your angry feminism, and desire to form progressive attitudes to non-Western models of beauty?

One reason I decided against a chop and instead spent hours combing out the knots was because I wanted to keep the length. Why did I decide to take them out. Well the negative comments I received from immediate family was a little annoying but actually it was my own dissatisfaction with them, they were not the soft, even thin dreads I had envisioned for myself. If I was going to put myself out on a limb with these they had to be perfect and they weren't.

Monday, 9 June 2014

No One Cares

I have been away from the blog for over a month. A combination of exams, moving
No one cares. 
I realised no one cares what my excuses are, no one cares what my dreams are, no one cares about your history. That is a crystal clear truth and it didn't make me sad or upset. Ultimately all that matters is what you deliver. 

I realised this out walking with some friends when one turned and asked me, outside of medicine what is my greatest ambition. I told him. Something I had kept almost secret for years, just one question and there it was spoken. Would you like to know what it is?