Sunday, 28 September 2014


PARKRUN - A company set it 10 years ago with a simple aim to get people running. Park run started in North London October 2014 in Bushy Park.  It is totally free and run on the generosity of volunteers. London is packed with Park runs and I love it. Even when I am not in London I am still park running.
So I like Parkrun, that has clearly been established the main reason for this post is I am a convert. I love it and have been spreading the magic of Parkrun to all those who listen. I wanted to list 3 reasons why I love park run.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I am 67% cocoa

I used to say I am a fat kid trapped in a skinny body. I have always loved to eat but luckily I never got very fat. My Mum didn't allow much fast food in the house. MacDonalds was when only when I went to the doctors and that was only because it was next to the surgery! Fizzy drinks were also a no, although I tried my best to ruin my teeth with sweets bought out of my pocket money. I think a major reason I remained very skinny - I was all knees and elbows till about 14 - was I was very active.
Sometimes I think I was too active, like the time I cam of my bike and nearly split my head open...
He looks better than I did