Saturday, 20 December 2014

Major Gains

Marginal gains. In cycling the idea of marginal gains is a big deal. Cyclists at this level are already in the top 10%  if not 5% of their field. The 80 seconds saved on a 50km time trial makes a big difference to these guys.
In triathlon there have been 15 seconds between podium positions. These positions aren't just 1st or 2nd but also 3rd and 4th and 10th and 11th. This is significant for the pros as the pay differnece between 1st and 2nd is substantial and even more so between 10th and 11th were 11th may recieve abosolutely nothing despite finishing within minutes of the podium positions.

I am not a professional athlete.

Marginal gains are made by having a £4k plus carbon time trial bike, a wind tunnel tested helmet and a custom fitted saddle. These and all of the extra kit associated with triathlon are fantastic but for someone who is still looking to crack a sub 2 hour half marathon, has only just cracked a sub hour 10k and whose fastest mile time is well over 5 mins they are of limited benefit.

I am barely an athlete

I am not after marginal gains. I am still chasing the major gains. I shaved 3 mins off my 3k time. Partially because I didn't stop to help a fallen cyclist and partially because I am still on a fairly steep improvement curve. Each month I see I am getting faster and fitter. Sometimes the improvement is evident week on week  other times the same tasks feel easier for the same speed, but I am lucky enough that I haven't really had a week where I have regressed.

I have already bought my entry to at least 2 of the races I want to compete in. The Beaver standard distance and the Stinger duathlon with pending entry in the Deva standard distance Tri. Both Deva and Beaver are beginning of the season fun with a duathlon before hand to help me tune race performance. I am excited and nervous about these races. I have fairly ambitious time goals for these races and I think I can achieve them.

This December I just want to maintain my gains

This month with Christmas, New Year and birthdays coming up I am not going to kid myself that I am still going to make huge improvements. All I want for Christmas is to keep the fitness I had. Please Santa... I've been mostly good.