Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Changing Focus

Today is the end of June, hello sweet July with your holidays, tans and general awesomeness. I have some time to stop and think about what this month has entailed.
I still have the same ambitions as previously mentioned but I may have lost some focus. In the beginning of June I was deep into exams. My body didn't like the abuse I was putting it through regarding diet and that manifested with crappy skin and possible anaemia. I was still exercising, squeezing in anything from a 15 minute stretching video to a 45 minute HIIT workout in my tiny student digs. Finishing exams was bad a long weekend of drinking and exercise only in the form of dancing and lounging on the Hoe meant I knew my fitness dropped off.
Never fear returning to London I knew I could get fit again; a new job and over 10 miles on the bike everyday would whip me into shape right?
Can you feel the shape being whipped?

I was so wrong.

It started well I was cycling almost every day and I did start to feel my fitness return after 2 weeks. I reconnected with some cycling buddies and the ambitious test I had set myself was the London to Brighton night ride mid July. I had done it before and wanted to beat my target the whole 63 in less than 6 hours. Given I did it in just over 7 hours last year with the world's least co-operative bike I reasoned I had got fitter and could shave an hour off, even on the same bike.

Alas since returning I jacked in my bar job and got a better paid although more sedentary job working in admin. To compound the issue I then couldn't cycle in as I didn't know the route and being more sedentary and even longer hours have no inclination to start leaping around my bedroom once I am at home. I haven't grown fat, but I have got soft. Unfortunately I have a holiday booked for that night ride so I no longer have that as a yardstick of my fitness. I do have a beach that I want to look good on and so the crash diet begins.

I know I know. Crash diets are all bad news and I really should know better but it might be this is just what I need to help me
a) feel better
b) get me down the body fat percentages to 'racing weight'
c) Make sure I look decent at least on the beach

Working in an office has massively changed my perception of being an adult. The lighting and sedentary nature of office work are not conducive to maintaining fitness.
I realise if I want to at least maintain my fitness over the summer let alone improve it which was the original plan I am going to have to take action.

Right after this holiday.

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